Why Invest in Saint Lucia as Your Jurisdiction of Choice? .

Colonial Trust Company specializes in providing international business and financial services for those companies and investors who have chosen to invest in Saint Lucia as their jurisdiction of choice. Colonial Trust Company delivers a full range of consultancy services and solutions for International Business companies (IBCs), offshore companies and international trusts. We provide all clients with the necessary advice required to determine whether Saint Lucia is the right jurisdiction for their investment vehicles.

So, why invest in Saint Lucia?

Incorporating and conducting business within Saint Lucia comes with a full range of benefits. In addition to providing exceptional asset protection and financial privacy, choosing Saint Lucia also allows for the avoidance of stamp duties, capital taxes, exchange controls, capital controls and currency controls. Saint Lucia is a great jurisdiction for creating offshore companies, because it imposes lower than normal real estate transaction costs, while also providing less burdensome restrictions on stock sales for capital raising. Furthermore, unlike other jurisdictions, the European Union’s Savings Directive does not affect Saint Lucia.

Why You Should Choose Saint Lucia as Your Jurisdiction Of Choice .

Choose Saint Lucia as the jurisdiction of choice for your IBC, offshore company, international trusts or other international investment vehicles. Doing so will unlock a full range of privacy and asset protections, financial savings and other business benefits. For example, under Saint Lucia law it is a crime, punishable by fine or imprisonment for trust/banking agents to disclose personal information about a client, without that client’s express consent. Furthermore, Saint Lucia is a distinct, fully independent jurisdiction that is not affected by the EU Savings Directive, unlike other Caribbean jurisdictions such as Anguilla, Cayman Islands and the Bahamas.

Saint Lucia is the jurisdiction of choice for many offshore companies. This is because offshore companies operating in Saint Lucia are more difficult to target for vengeful, frivolous lawsuits and other harassment. Choosing Saint Lucia as the jurisdiction of choice for an offshore company minimizes many of the currency, political, economic and inflationary risks that come with other jurisdictions. Saint Lucia also provides financial savings because Saint Lucia does not impose stamp duties, capital taxes, while also facilitating the avoidance of exchange, capital and currency controls.

Ultimately, Saint Lucia law ensures that those who choose Saint Lucia as their jurisdiction of choice can benefit from exceptional financial savings, investment and asset privacy protections not provided by other jurisdictions. Contact CTCL now for more information on why you should choose Saint Lucia as the jurisdiction of choice for your offshore firm, IBC or international trust.