Choose Colonial Trust Company For Your Saint Lucia International Trust Needs

Trust the professionals here at Colonial Trust Company to deliver exceptional Saint Lucia International Trust services. We can serve as Registered Trustees for any British Virgin Islands and Saint Lucia International Trust. Creating and registering a Trust is easy if you have the Colonial Trust Company professionals on your side. We can provide all of the Trust Registration, and Registered Trustee services required. Contact Colonial Trust Company to learn more about the asset protections and other benefits that come from creating a Saint Lucia International Trust.

Understanding the Saint Lucia International Trust

Trust agreements create a fiduciary relationship, within which a Trustee holds and administers the assets of another, on behalf of a beneficiary. Under the Saint Lucia International Trust Act (“Act”), an International Trust is an:

• An agreement in writing;
• Which has at least one Registered Trustee at all times;
• That does not include any real estate properties located in Saint Lucia; AND
• Has been registered with Saint Lucia in accordance with the Act.

In order to create a legally binding Saint Lucia International Trust, you must have at least one Registered Trustee. Luckily, Colonial Trust Company is available to deliver a full range of Registered Trustee services. Furthermore, we can provide assistance with drafting your Trust Agreement, and commence and complete the entire Trust Registration process on your behalf, while also conducting Register inspections, and filing changes in trust particulars.

Colonial Trust Company: International Registered Trustees

The Saint Lucia International Trust registration process requires applicants to pay a prescribed fee, while also naming their Registered Office of choice for the International Trust, along with a certificate signed by an attorney at law and Registered Trustee. Here at Colonial Trust Company our professionals have the skills and acumen required to register British Virgin Islands and Saint Lucia International Trusts. Creating a Trust comes with a full range of benefits including:

• Avoidance of fees imposed under the EU Savings Directive
• Minimization of currency, political, economic and inflationary risks
• Exceptional privacy protections and laws
• No stamp duties nor capital taxes imposed
• Ensured confidentiality
• Impressive tax structure
• Avoidance of excessive regulatory requirements

Creating an offshore Saint Lucia International Trust can be a simple process if you contact the Registered Trustees here at Colonial Trust Company. Our team of Registered Trustees can complete the entire Saint Lucia International Trust registration process on your behalf, while also serving as the Saint Lucia Registered Trustee for your International Trust. Choose Colonial Trust Comapny for all of your Registered Trustee and Saint Lucia International Trust needs.