Colonial Trust Company: Registered Trustees in St Lucia

Trusts are legal agreements whereby the creator renounces their interest to the cash, real estate, stocks and intangible property that has been placed in trust. Once created the trust is managed by a Registered Trustee, who assumes all of the common responsibilities that accompany property ownership, while also acting on behalf of the trust’s beneficiary in all trust-related matters. Here at Colonial Trust Company, our professionals can serve as Registered Trustees in St Lucia for your trust. We can also perform trust formation and registration services.

Choose Colonial Trust Company’s Services as Registered Trustees in St Lucia

Colonial Trust Company’s Registered Trustees in St Lucia are here to perform all of the trust-related services that you require. The creation of a trust can be relatively simple if you have Colonial Trust Company on your side. The first step in creating a trust is the gathering of all trust documents, which include:

• The Trust Deed
• A certificate from an attorney that confirms that once formed, the trust will fulfill all international trust requirements provided under Saint Lucia law
• A Written notification that names each Trustee, as well as the location of the Trustee’s Registered Office. Under Saint Lucia law, at least one trustee must be a Saint Lucia Registered Trustee; AND
• A statement from the original owner of the trust property, stating that the disposition/transfer of the trust assets was not conducted with the intent to defraud the settlor’s creditors, and will not cause the settlor to become insolvent.

CTCL can provide assistance with the gathering of all relevant trust documents, while also serving as the Registered Trustee. The next step is to complete the trust registration process, which requires the submission of all registration forms, along with payment of a per annum registration fee. All Saint Lucia Trust applications are reviewed by the Registrar, who subsequently confirms whether the trust registration has been approved.

Colonial Trust Company can provide representation and assistance with all aspects of Saint Lucia Trust formation. We can help with compiling all of the necessary trust registration documents, and also file a trust registration application on your behalf. Colonial Trust Company professionals can also serve as the Registered Agent or Registered Trustees in St Lucia for your Trust, thereby assuming trust management responsibilities and other duties. Once your Saint Lucia Trust has been successfully registered, we can provide solutions to ongoing trust registration issues including amendments to trust particulars and Registrar inspection services. Contact Colonial Trust Company today for more information regarding all of the different Registered Trustee services that Colonial Trust Company can deliver.