Colonial Trust Company: Trusted Registered Agents in St Lucia

Colonial Trust Company is a company licensed by Saint Lucia to deliver an impressive variety of Registered Agent (Core) services. Registered Agents in St Lucia perform an important function in the international financial services industry, by providing representation and support on behalf of companies and private individuals. Those with international business holdings and transactions abroad often find it easier to use Registered Agents in St Lucia such as Colonial Trust Company to sign documents, and perform other services on their behalf. The great thing about Colonial Trust Company is that unlike other local Registered Agents, we provide our clients with the option to choose a non-Saint Lucia jurisdiction to be the place of formation and incorporation for their International Business Trusts (IBTs).

Colonial Trust Company: Registered Agent in St Lucia (Core) Services

Colonial Trust Company possesses a competitive advantage, because unlike other Registered Agents in St Lucia we can provide our clients with the option to choose between multiple non-Saint Lucia jurisdictions as the place for the formation of the IBTs and International Business Corporations (IBCs) and International Mutual Funds (IMFs). In fact, we deliver an impressive assortment of Registered Agent (Core) Services. The registered core agent services that Colonial Trust Company delivers for businesses and private actors include:

• Incorporation of International Business Corporations (IBC)
• Application for Offshore Bank Licence
• Corporate Services
• Corporate Administration
• Corporate Secretary
• Statuary Filings and notices
• Registration of Mutual Funds
• Company domiciliation service
• Company redomicilation service
• Company registered office
• Transfer of shares and Issue of Share Certificates

Choosing Colonial Trust Company to serve as your Registered Agents in St Lucia comes with a broad range of benefits. Our team of professional Registered Agents have years of experience working within the international financial services industry. They possess the skills and acumen required to conduct registration, business formation and responses to legal requests on behalf of your IBC, IMF or IBT. We will be with and your business every step of the way in order to delivery exceptional in-house consultancy solutions.

Colonial Trust Company: Saint Lucia’s Leader in Registered Agent Solutions

It can be difficult and time consuming to choose the right company to provide services as Registered Agents in St Lucia. Luckily, the professionals here at Colonial Trust Comapny have experience with working as Registered Agents for those located within and outside of Saint Lucia. Because of this experience our Registered Agents can help with the formation, registration and incorporation of any IMF, IBC or ITC in jurisdictions outside of Saint Lucia and the greater Caribbean region. This way Colonial Trust Company can always ensure that we can provide the full range of international financial services that our clients deserve. Contact us today for more information on the diverse Registered Agents services that we can provide.