Choose Colonial Trust Company For Your Complimentary & Auxiliary Saint Lucia International Financial Services

Colonial Trust Company is here to provide all of the additional Saint Lucia International Financial Services that you require. In addition to performing services as Registered Agents and Registered Trustees, our professionals can also perform services associated with the creation of International Business Companies (IBCs), International Mutual Funds (IMFs), and Saint Lucia International Trusts (ITs). Furthermore, we can provide assistance with the entire international banking licence process. Once Colonial Trust Company has helped you create your international financial, business or investment vehicle we can also perform an impressive assortment of additional complimentary and auxiliary Saint Lucia international financial services.

Here in Saint Lucia, our skilled professionals have years of experience with delivering exceptional Registered Agent and Registered Trustee services. In order to create a Saint Lucia International Trust, you must have at least one Saint Lucia-based Registered Trustee, which is where Colonial Trust Company professionals come in. In addition to delivering Registered Trustee services, Colonial Trust Company can also provide Registered Agents for IBCs, and IMFs located within and outside of Saint Lucia. We can offer an assortment of jurisdictions to choose from for the formation of your international financial or investment vehicle, along with all of the complimentary and auxiliary services that will be required following creation and registration.

Colonial Trust Company Complimentary & Auxiliary Saint Lucia International Financial Services

Interested in establishing an international bank in Saint Lucia? Colonial Trust Company can perform all of the application and registration services required to have your Saint Lucia banking licence application approved. We can provide an assortment of auxiliary services associated with the creation of your Saint Lucia international bank. These services include the provision and collection of all relevant corporate documents required for the application process. Our trained professionals can also deliver certified and notarized copies of all relevant bank licence documents.
In addition to providing primary and auxiliary international banking licence services, Colonial Trust Company can also perform a wide assortment of services associated with the formation, maintenance and dissolution of IBCs, IMFs and ITs. We can provide assistance with submitting all of the official documents associated with business and investment vehicle formation, in addition to the following auxiliary services:
• Business name reservation
• IBC search and renewals
• Redomiciliation of IBCs to Saint Lucia
• Amendment to corporate documents
• IBC name changes
• Notarization and certification of corporate documents
• Registration of articles of incorporation
• Registration of articles of merger
• Registration of articles of dissolution
• Share certificate issuances
• Preparation for board resolutions
• Registers inspections
• Document registration with the Saint Lucia Registrar
• Registration of articles of arrangement

Colonial Trust Company is available to deliver fiduciary and representative services as Registered Agents or Registered Trustees. Our trained professionals regularly perform services as the Registered Agents and Registered Trustees of IMFs, ITs and IBCs that operate in Saint Lucia. In addition to performing primary Registered Agent and Registered Trustee services, we also deliver an impressive variety of auxiliary and complimentary services. We can file official changes to the existing Registered Agent Office, update Registers, and provide any other services required for your Saint Lucia based IBC, IMF or IT.

Choose Colonial Trust Company For Your Complimentary & Auxiliary Services

Saint Lucia is a great jurisdiction for conducting international financial business. Saint Lucia’s desirable geographical location offers a stable economy along with the absence of exchange, currency and capital controls. In addition to the absence of tax treaties, Saint Lucia provides modern and simple incorporation procedures and laws. Based on the English Common Law System, Saint Lucia has minimal corporate disclosure requirements and other impressive privacy and secrecy protections. Because of Saint Lucia’s relatively simple international banking licence application process, large scale international banking and finance can be carried out with ease, if you choose Saint Lucia as your jurisdiction of choice.

Ultimately, Saint Lucia is an extremely desirable location to commence international business, banking and financial endeavors. However, you will need registered and licensed professionals based in Saint Lucia to provide the assistance you deserve. Luckily, the Saint Lucia professionals here at Colonial Trust Company are available to perform both primary and auxiliary services in furtherance of your international business, banking and financial endeavors. No matter whether you require a Saint Lucia-based professional to perform Registered Agent and Trustee services, or auxiliary/complimentary solutions, the professionals here at Colonial Trust Company can help. Contact us today for more information on all of the primary and auxiliary services that we can perform.