Colonial Trust Company: St Lucia International Business Companies Professionals

International Business Companies (IBCs) are limited liability legal entities that are typically employed as business or investment vehicles. Often IBCs are created to facilitate asset protection, international trade, international investment activities and offshore banking. One of the primary benefits of IBCs is that they are exempt from having to pay any form of tax imposed by the jurisdiction of their registration. Here at Colonial Trust Company we facilitate the creation of St Lucia International Business Companies that provide all of the resources and services required to take advantage of these benefits.

The Benefits of Creating St Lucia International Business Companies

St Lucia International Business Companies can be used for a broad range of investment and business purposes. Furthermore, utilizing an international account and IBC entity structure comes with the following advantages:


  • Exceptional financial privacy
  • Avoidance of capital taxes and stamp duties
  • Asset protection
  • Ability to conduct business abroad while operating within another jurisdiction
  • No requirement to file annual accounts disclosures
  • No minimum cap on incorporation share capital
  • The potential for absolute tax exemption on transactions conducted outside the jurisdiction of incorporation
  • Tax exemption on foreign income earned abroad
  • The ability to conduct transactions with any currency


Here at Colonial Trust Company we provide services for the formation of St Lucia International Business Companies for those located within and outside of Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia is a great jurisdiction for incorporating your IBC because within Saint Lucia there are extremely high privacy standards and protections governing IBCs. In fact, here in Saint Lucia it is a punishable offense for a trust or bank officer to disclose personal details about any customer, without that customer’s express consent. This offense is punishable by imprisonment and/or fine, and is the linchpin of the high-quality asset protection and privacy standards provided under Saint Lucia laws.

Colonial Trust Company St Lucia International Business Companies Package

Colonial Trust Company is here to deliver an impressive assortment of international financial services on behalf of new and existing St Lucia International Business Companies. In fact, Colonial Trust Company provides an IBC Package that comes with the following services:


  • IBC Director Registration
  • IBC Member Registration
  • Creation and Filing of Certificates of Incorporation
  • Creation and Filing of Memorandums of Association
  • Appointment of Initial IBC Directors
  • Inaugural Resolution of IBC Directors


Choose Colonial Trust Company for all of your international business company services. We can provide comprehensive services and solutions from the initial international business company formation process, all the way to dissolution, or winding down of business services. Contact Colonial Trust Company today in order to discuss all of the international financial services that we can deliver for your St Lucia International Business Companies.