About Colonial Trust Company Ltd. .

Here at Colonial Trust Company one of our premier specialties is providing a full range of services and assistance with incorporating IBCs in any of the worldwide financial jurisdictions of our clients’ choosing. We make the IBC incorporation process simple by providing assistance with form filings, sensitive document gatherings, and the subsequent certification of relevant business documents. Furthermore, our in house professionals have years of experience with delivering a broad range of consultancy services for an assortment of international financial business transactions. Ultimately, Colonial Trust Company provides exceptional primary and auxiliary business services, the ability to streamline an assortment of application processes, along with our impressive strategic consultancy services offerings.

Choose Colonial Trust Company For Your International Financial Transaction Needs .

Colonial Trust Company is Saint Lucia’s premier international financial services boutique. We provide a broad range of primary and auxiliary international financial services for IBCs, IBTs and also for private individuals. In fact, we are licensed to provide both Registered Agents and Registered Trustees for domestic and international clients.

Registered Agents are those companies or individuals who have been designated to receive legal documents and service of process on behalf of others. Some of the many Registered Agent services performed by the professionals here at Colonial Trust Company include:

• Incorporation of International Business Corporations (IBCs)
• Applications for Offshore Bank Licence
• Registration of Mutual Funds
• Corporate Administration
• Corporate Secretaries
• Statutory Filings and Notices
• Transfer of Shares and Issue of Share Certificates

Saint Lucia is the jurisdiction of choice for many offshore companies. This is because offshore companies operating in Saint Lucia are more difficult to target for vengeful, frivolous lawsuits and other harassment. Choosing Saint Lucia as the jurisdiction of choice for an offshore company minimizes many of the currency, political, economic and inflationary risks that come with other jurisdictions. Saint Lucia also provides financial savings because Saint Lucia does not impose stamp duties, capital taxes, while also facilitating the avoidance of exchange, capital and currency controls.

Ultimately, Saint Lucia law ensures that those who choose Saint Lucia as their jurisdiction of choice can benefit from exceptional financial savings, investment and asset privacy protections not provided by other jurisdictions. Contact Colonial Trust Company now for more information on why you should choose Saint Lucia as the jurisdiction of choice for your offshore firm, IBC or international trust.

Colonial Trust Company doesn’t just provide Registered Agent services, we also deliver the following Registered Trustee and auxiliary services:

• Registration of International Trusts
• Inspection of Registers
• Redomiciliation of IBCs to Saint Lucia
• Renewal of IBCs
• Certification and Notary Services
• Change of Registered Agent Office
• Name Reservations
• Provision of Rubber Stamps, Impressed Seals/Corporate Pliers
• Financial Institutions Introductions
• Provision of Corporate Secretaries
• Provision of Nominee Directors