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Colonial Trust Company Ltd. is a St Lucia Trust Services firm that provides a broad range of Registered Trustee and Registered Agent services. Colonial Trust Company’s experience in the international financial industry allows our professionals to provide comprehensive assistance with the formation of International Business Companies (IBCs) and International Business Trusts (IBTs). We also provide assistance with completing and submitting international bank account applications, in addition to an assortment of auxiliary company formation services.

St Lucia International Business Companies

International Business Companies (IBCs) are limited liability legal entities that are typically employed as business or investment vehicles.

St Lucia International Mutual Funds

International Mutual Funds are investment vehicles used by both private and public entities to invest in companies located...

Saint Lucia International Banking Licence

In addition to providing exceptional asset and privacy protections, operating in Saint Lucia comes with substantial financial savings...

Saint Lucia International Trust

Trust the professionals at Colonial Trust Company to deliver exceptional Saint Lucia International Trust services...

Registered Agents In St Lucia

Colonial Trust Company is a company licensed to deliver a variety of core services as Registered Agents in St Lucia.

Registered Trustees in St Lucia

Trusts are legal agreements whereby the creator renounces their interest to the cash, real estate, stocks and intangible property...

Complimentary & Auxiliary Saint Lucia International Financial Services

Colonial Trust Company is here to provide all of the international financial, banking and business services that you require.
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The professionals at Colonial Trust Company have years of professional experience with delivering a broad assortment of international financial services and St Lucia trust services. Colonial Trust Company can provide assistance with international business registration, formation or any other primary or auxiliary services you require. Contact us today at (758) 453-7777 / (758) 453-7007, or by using the form below.